Upgrading from Snow Leopard? :/

Discussion in 'macOS' started by Laurencia7, Jul 28, 2016.

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    Hey guys,

    I know my Macbook A1181 is outdated, and frankly you can fnd them on ebay for like 50 bucks but I love it, and cannot afford a new one. That being said, I upgraded the OSX two years ago to Snow Leopard, and really liked it .... but the reviews for El Captain are terrible. I cannot find the Lion, Mavericks, and Yosemite anywhere on the app store.

    Where can I find other OSX versions?
    Is Yosemite better than El Cap?

    What would be the best fit?

    Thanks in advance
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    You will not find the other OS X versions unless you previously downloaded them from the App. Store. Your best bet would be to find a friend who is running the version that you want (or has run it at some point) and get them to download a fresh copy for you.

    No, Yosemite is not better then El Cap. El Cap was intended to be the “more polished” version of Yosemite. I have tried both and I am now firmly (and happily) back with Mavericks.

    I think the best fit for your system would be Mavericks, especially if you switch out that old HDD with a SSD. It will literally breathe new life into your system.
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    Jun 3, 2009
    Thanks for the info! I may get a SSD drive at some point, but not now. I don't think my old macbook is worth putting one in. I mean I can buy 3 of mine for 75 dollars, lol. I guess I'm not upgrading then, :(
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    For a 2007 MacBook, I wouldn't go any "further" than 10.8.5.
    In my opinion, versions of the OS released after 10.8 seem to be designed for SSDs, and tend to run very slow on platter-based hard drives.

    If you can't get 10.8 from Apple, there are "other ways".

    BTW, I still use 10.6.8 as my "main OS" on a 2010 MacBook Pro, and it still runs just fine for everything I do with it...
  5. SanJacinto, Jul 29, 2016
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    Yes, it is still possible to use 10.6.8 in 2016 except for the browser. I mean, it would be nice if Apple could still offer Safari for their most polished OS X ever.:rolleyes: (I do not like other bowsers)

    Although my MBP is from Early 2011 (but shipped with Snow Leopard), I still love the plastic MacBooks. For me this is the Apple I love(d): 10.6.8 with its glossy traffic lights, the blue scroll-bars (looked like candy), pill-shaped buttons and that aqua blue - yes baby.
    It reminds me of night-sessions at university library - everywhere those white MacBooks, often owned by beautiful girls ;-)

    In late 2013 I was preparing for GMAT and spend more or less all of my time at the library.
    Some day a girl sat down next to me, with a what seemed to be a 2007 MacBook with OS X Tiger on it - gorgeous (I mean, the MacBook and Tiger ;)).

    I miss those times and I miss the "childish" Apple.

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