Upgrading from Yosemite On 2012 MB Pro. Question...

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Christopher11, Jul 31, 2017.

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    Hi. It's time to upgrade the OS on my 2012 MB Pro 15. I currently have 10.10.5. Mostly, because there are sounds from Garage Band that I want to use in Logic Pro X that it seems aren't available until I at least get to El Capitan.

    I d/l Sierra and am ready to install. I am backing up my entire HD and cloning, making bootable via SuperDuper. I just wanted to see if there were any thoughts / suggestions or warnings on this, regarding Sierra. For example do you feel it would better to try and just go to El Capitan? Thank you sincerely for any replies.
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    It looks like folks on the Logic Pro user group are suggesting I go to El Capitan, for better compatibility. Can you suggest please how to do this? I was able to download Sierra of course... but Apple makes installing El Capitan more difficult. Thank you for any help.
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    You can get an El Capitan installer in the following ways:

    1) If you "purchased" (downloaded) it previously when logged in to the App Store, you can download it again.

    2) If you have a Mac where El Capitan is the last supported OS for that computer.

    3) If you have an acquaintance that either has an installer or can get it from #1 or #2 above.

    4) From a non-Apple source on the Internet.

    If you get it from a non-Apple source, that could pose issues. I don't use Logic Pro but I would think the main issue would be from 3rd-party audio files or 3rd-party hardware. If you don't have these, maybe you should give Sierra a go if you can't get El Capitan from #1-#3 that I listed above.

    EDIT: I meant to say 3rd-party plug-ins, not 3rd-party audio files - my bad.
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    Perhaps I will start from the external USB bootable drive, install Sierra, and see how Logic works. It's real slow... but at least I will be able to test my 3rd party apps. Thank you guys.

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