Upgrading Imac hard drive and heat sensor?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by bmac89, Sep 17, 2014.

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    Aug 3, 2014

    I have an Imac 9,1 (which I believe is early 2009 model) and I am running out of hard drive space on the original Hitachi 320gb drive.

    I am wondering whether this Imac has the issue with heat sensor cable and fan running full speed?
    Do I need to buy a certain brand of hard drive or replacement cable to avoid this occurring, or does this issue only affect newer Imac models?

    I have never opened up a mac before and deliberating whether it is even worth the risk. However the cost to have it professionally replaced is a lot!!!
    I have found a step by step guide on ifixit.com

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    It's always easier and less hassle to get an external HD and move your large libraries (likely music, movies and photos) to it. Personally I strongly recommend OWC's Mercury Elite Pro series, high quality, great service and fair prices. You can find them by clicking:

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    You will need to be 100% sure what iMac model you have, as each one is different. My guess is this is the one you have.

    Early 2009 Models, Have an external temperature sensor for the hard drive which can be just move to the new drive. Late 2009 Models, Will have the fan issue.

    Early 2009 Models, As I mentioned above these models have an external hard drive temperature sensor which can be easily move to the new hard drive of any Manufacturer or to an SSD.

    Late 2009 Models, Unfortunately There is no external temperature sensor kits for this model and the issue will need to be corrected with software if you install an SSD for more information about hard drives continue reading. This iMac model also has a different sensor cable depending on the manufacturer of the hard drive. It's been determined by OWC you should be fine if you switch the hard drive currently in the machine with one from the same manufacturer you can also see the original post from 2009 here.

    That's something you are definitely gonna have to determine yourself. Your the only one that can determine if your skill level and confidence will allow you to complete this upgrade. Looking through, iFixit repair guides and instructional videos from OWC. Should allow you to get a good idea what will be involved.

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