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Discussion in 'iMac' started by periscop, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. periscop macrumors newbie

    Feb 28, 2015
    I have an IMAC mid-2011 21.5*inch and I want to replace my 500 GB HDD by a barracuda 2 TB and add a 500GB SSD placed on the super Drive.
    I have a few questions because I see on various forums all and nothing…

    concerning the thermal sensor on the HDD
    I am going to shunt the thermal sensor and control the fans with a software using the smart datas. do you think it’s the better solution or the kit sold by owc is better (cable with thermal sensor)?
    Have someone experimented freezes with smart ?

    for the SSD someone recommend me to buy from OWC a cable with thermal sensor for SSD… but I don’t find it… do you have an idea?

  2. Hobamedia macrumors newbie

    Jul 13, 2016
    I thing the OWC solution isn´t cheap but perfect und works also with SSD .

    The Problem (I thing iMac 27 is the same princip -:) )) the internal SATA Superdrive Chipset interface works only max with 3 Gigabit/s
    and the Harddrive Chipset Interface with 6 Gbit/s

    Best solution is using the Second Harddrive interface connector and find a Place for your SSD

    SSD <-----> Hardddrive Connector
    HDD <------> Superdrive Connector

    I ve only replaced my HDD See my Config:

    Intel 6 Series Chipset:

    Hersteller: Intel

    Produkt: 6 Series Chipset

    Link-Geschwindigkeit: 6 Gigabit

    Ausgehandelte Link-Geschwindigkeit: 6 Gigabit

    Physischer Verbindungstyp: SATA

    Beschreibung: AHCI Version 1.30 Supported

    Samsung SSD 850 PRO 1TB:

    Kapazität: 1,02 TB ( Byte)

    Modell: Samsung SSD 850 PRO 1TB

    Version: EXM02B6Q

    Seriennummer: S252NXAG907836L

    Native Command Queuing: Ja

    Queue Depth: 32

    Wechselmedien: Nein

    Absteckbares Laufwerk: Nein

    BSD-Name: disk0

    Medienart: Solid State

    TRIM-Unterstützung: Ja

    Partitionstabellentyp: GPT (GUID-Partitionstabelle)

    S.M.A.R.T.-Status: Überprüft



    Kapazität: 209,7 MB (209.715.200 Byte)

    BSD-Name: disk0s1

    Inhalt: EFI

    UUID des Volumes: 0E239BC6-F960-3107-89CF-1C97F78BB46B

    Festplatte imac2011:

    Kapazität: 895,35 GB (895.349.784.576 Byte)

    Verfügbar: 583,73 GB (583.726.505.984 Byte)

    Beschreibbar: Ja

    Dateisystem: Journaled HFS+

    BSD-Name: disk0s2

    Mount-Point: /

    Inhalt: Apple_HFS

    UUID des Volumes: 0CE08F13-4A23-3222-83DC-8E49078A8EB1

    Recovery HD:

    Kapazität: 650 MB (650.002.432 Byte)

    BSD-Name: disk0s3

    Inhalt: Apple_Boot

    UUID des Volumes: 31CD66D3-E50F-30F5-91B9-15D15FBDD1A9


    Kapazität: 128 GB (127.998.623.744 Byte)

    Verfügbar: 82,93 GB (82.927.362.048 Byte)

    Beschreibbar: Nein

    Dateisystem: NTFS

    BSD-Name: disk0s4

    Mount-Point: /Volumes/BOOTCAMP

    Inhalt: Microsoft Basic Data

    UUID des Volumes: 00B31A8E-794C-4552-AD0D-D6F7F765D706

    My Superdrive :

    Hersteller: Intel

    Produkt: 6 Series Chipset

    Link-Geschwindigkeit: 3 Gigabit

    Ausgehandelte Link-Geschwindigkeit: 1,5 Gigabit

    Physischer Verbindungstyp: SATA

    Beschreibung: AHCI Version 1.30 Supported


    Modell: HL-DT-STDVDRW GA32N

    Version: KE06

    Seriennummer: KZEBAME2617

    Native Command Queuing: Nein

    Absteckbares Laufwerk: Nein

    Ausschalten: Ja

    Async Notification: Nein
  3. kgian macrumors regular

    Jul 17, 2011
    The thermal sensor is the better solution, as it works regardless of the operating system used. If you use software you need one for OSX and another for windows if you use bootcamp.

    For the SSD, the best place is to install it in the spare sata port behind the motherboard. You need a standard sata cable and a special power cable, which you can buy from owc or on ebay.

    You don't need to remove the optical drive.

    The above is the normal apple arrangement for this model.
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    Nov 20, 2012
    Note that this thread was started a year and a half ago.

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