Upgrading iPad 3 to iPad 4th generation

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  1. kobebryant24 macrumors newbie

    Aug 12, 2010
    This morning I dropped my iPad 3 (bought in March without Applecare) and the edge is completely dented in and the screen is cracked :( I was wondering, if I paid for the $299 out-of-warranty replacement, is there any way I'd be able to get the 4th generation iPad that just got released?
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    Almost no chance of that. I say almost no chance as sometimes the Genius' have mercy, but without AppleCare+, I doubt it.
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    Nope. it's like for like. They aren't allow to upgrade folks, part of the terms of the limited warranty, which is why you'll be allowed to buy that part at all.

    You want a 4 then take that $299 plus tax and use it to buy a 4. I recommend that you get the Apple Care this time.


    The only 'mercy' they ever had was that before the whole + thing they could, if they felt it was truly a random accident, to give a one time free replacement. But that ended when + started. And they could never upgrade any one.
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