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Apr 1, 2005
I am looking to upgrade my MacBook Pro from a 250GB to 500GB HD. I have all the parts and just need clarification on how I can achieve this upgrade. The only issue I have is that I am also running BootCamp.

If I just had a Mac OS I could copy everything to the new HD and then swap them over from what I have seen. With BootCamp do I need to partition the new HD and only place the Windows OS and Mac OS on separate partitions?



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May 3, 2009
I don't believe there's any tools around to help you copy the bootcamp partition for you. I'd backup your windows data using a windows program and then rerun bootcamp on your new HD


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Feb 9, 2008
1) Do a back of your Windows partition… mainly the files you can't just replace.
2) Then use Winclone [in OS X] to backup your old BootCamp partition (normally by hold 'C' during the boot process)
3) Save this file then delete the Windows partition with the BootCamp assistant.
4) Then mount your new HDD (the one you will be using) in an external enclosure, boot into the your OS X installation disk.
5) When the installation disk is loaded up, on the top menu bar click and select "Disk Utility".
5) On the left hand side you will see a list of your drives, one of them should be the internal drive and another should be your new external drive. At this point your internal should have a "[CAPACITY] [MODEL NUMBER]" heading and then in the next line should be indented with your partition name. Your new external should have another heading with its capacity and model number number but nothing listed after it (nothing indented).
6) Here you select your new drive, and click the 'Partition' tab.
7) Volume scheme choose "1 Partition" then click 'Options." In options choose 'GUID Partition Table' and click OK.
8) It doesn't matter what you call it since it will be changed later. Format it as a Mac OS Externded (Journaled). Click 'Apply' and it should partition.
9) Afterwards you should have the new partition listed under the new drive heading indented. You should now select the partition and click the 'Restore' tab.
10) For the source you drag and drop the internal partition from the left column into the box that says 'Source'. For destination, you drag and drop your new partition from the left to the box that says 'Destination'. Make sure "Erase Destination" is checked—this is why it doesn't matter what you called it before.
11) Click restore… it should complete the restore. It may not says it's done or anything. Just wait until there is no progress bar. It's usually obvious when it's done though.
12) Now, don't get smart and erase the old drive thinking you can do it on one job; you might need it in case your unlucky and the new drive fails for no good reason.
13) Here you shutdown the computer. Replace the drives (AKA do the physical swap).
14) Boot up into your new drive. Log in and open up Disk Utility from Applications —> Utitlities —> 'Disk Utility'.
15) Your new internal should be the one your just installed. Click the new partition and in the 'First Aid' tab choose "Repair Disk Permissions".
16) Now it should all be working, when it's done you can now proceed to restore Windows.
17) Open BootCamp assistant and partition your new drive. Remember you can only create a partition thats the same size or bigger than your old Windows partition. When you get to the part to start installation, quit BootCamp assistant.
18) Open Winclone… Click the 'Restore' tab: for the image choose the file you backed up to and for the destination choose the new BootCamp partition. Don't click 'Mount' or 'Calculate'; neither are needed at this point. If you want, you can go to the top and select Window —> Show Log Window (Command + L). Click "Restore" to start the process. If you selected the log window it will show you that progress in number form. When it's all done, there should be no progress bar (and log will say done).
19) Everything should be done and ready to use. If Windows fails to boot, I can't help much sorry… that's why you backed up before. It's not a perfect process. I would keep the old OS X drive around, not deleted until your start using Time Machine to back up your stuff.


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Jan 12, 2008
Hey man!
Im curious... What MBP size you have? If 13.3'', how much did u pay for the 500GB HDD and what speed?

Thanks for the steps, ill keep this in mind if I upgrade.

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