Upgrading New 20in Imac RAM


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Jul 5, 2006
I just had my 1.6Ghz Powermac G5 stolen from my apt. so I am looking to buy a new computer. I really can not afford a mac pro, so I am going to get a 20in imac (assuming a 23in doesnt come out on the 12th). I was going to get 1GB of RAM and then but another 1GB stick from crucial or somewhere else maybe later on. How hard is it to change on an Imac. I changed it on my old Powermac but that was simple. I dont know if I should just buy the imac with 2Gb or upgrade it myself. Any suggestions?


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Feb 6, 2004
Near Chicago
I did my 17in intel myself, and it was very easy. Just make sure you put some protective cloth or something down on your work space before you lay your iMac down.
Other then that, it was very easy.

I just got mine with the stock ram and then ordered the upgrades from a trusted reseller.



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Apr 13, 2006
I upgraded my stock iMac 20" in May of this year by adding a 1GB stick from DataMem. I remember using this diagram from an Apple page. The ONLY thing was knowing which way the stick has to face. Other than that it was snapped in place and locked down. Very very easy.