Upgrading old system advice


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Jun 3, 2009
Hey guys,
I know this is Mac territory but I am trying to get my mother and myself a new pc for certain tasks.

I saw this deal online, and figured I could take some parts that I upgraded from my old pc and put them into this, but can you tell me if this will be hard adjustment?
Barebones kit

I am very tech savvy, but never installed a processor before and am wondering if my old cords and etc will fit in this case. The old unit is a Gateway, but they may have changed things.

Would I be better off, just letting the old pc go at a flat rate, even though it has some great peripherals in it, or buying this pc
Dell PC

Please let me know, so I can get the items before they run out of stock.
The main uses for the pc maybe a little video manipulation, web browsing, dvd video...and music.



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Jun 3, 2009
it's old,

bought in March 2001
Gateway Intel Pent 3
was Windows ME, I upgraded the OS to XP Pro.
Mostly upgraded all the original peripherals, except the Video card, and the TV Tuner card (use a lot) There is a new sound card, new dvd/rw roms,
and new memory.

It works fine just very slow, since the motherboard and processor weren't meant to handle XP, and etc.

17-inch IDE Cable for Ultra/66 Ultra/100 R0 [Part #8004683]
CBL FDD R0 [Part #8004685]
CD-ROM Cable R0 [Part #8004682]
Cases and Case Hardware
St. Francis Mid-tower Case Revision 1 [Part #3500848]
STK LBL PIII Box R0 [Part #9001436]
STK LBL PIII CASE R0 [Part #9001435]

Mitsumi 3.5-inch Floppy Disk Drive Revision 1 [Part #5501205]
Hard Drives
Quantum 20-GB 4500-RPM Ultra 100 Hard Disk Drive [Part #5501693]
PS/2 Millenium Multi-Function Keyboard [Part #7002737]
512-MB 133/100/66-MHz 64-Bit 4-Clock 16x8 SDRAM DIMM [Part #5000529]
Logitech PS/2 Standard Mouse [Part #7003165]

Intel (Fedora) motherboard Pentium III - 1000-MHz [Part #2512700]
Network Cards
Combo V.90 Modem and 10-Mbps Home Phoneline Network Adapter [Part #6001856]
Optical Drives
LG 8X 4X 32X CD/RW Drive [Part #5501833]
Mitsumi 20X/48X IDE CD-ROM Rev. 2 [Part #5501717]
Power Supplies
200-Watt Power Supply [Part #6500457]

TV Tuner Cards
Hauppauge WinTV PCI TV Tuner Card [Part #6001237]
Video Cards
32MB ATI Radeon SDR AGP Graphics Accelerator [Part #6001675]


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Apr 4, 2010
Based on your current specs you would need to get a new processor and memory to work with the barebones kit. I do not believe the Pentium 3 will work with socket 775. Also, your current memory is DDR. I am pretty sure that will not work with the newer mobo.

What is your budget for this build?


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Jun 3, 2009
My budget is around 150$ at max.

I figured, my old memory won't fit this kit?
what about peripherals?