Upgrading RAM isn't a walk in the park


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Mar 24, 2006
So i just tried to put another GB of RAM in my mac and its not really that easy compared to the notebooks.

The hardest part is removing sticks, the holes are so narrow that you can't get your fingers in. In fact the only thing i could successfully remove was the black strip holding the sticks in place. Removing the actual stick is NOT easy and would require skillfull manouvers.

Second putting sticks in isnt easy either as there's not much feedback that you've inserted the stick properly. I had to push really hard and even then i wasnt sure i'd done it properly but luckily it work

All in all RAM upgrade is not easy and the whole thing is finicky.

BTW i'm talking about the new iMacs


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Aug 10, 2007
I found it easy and I'm 6'4" with fingers to match.

I once had to remove all the memory and fit new to six Sun E420r, from memory, 16 slots each and Sun mem is clamped in on these boxes and many others with a weird toggle. And u really had to press the stuff in.

My fingers where bleeding, all over the insides of the boxes. Nightmare