Upgrading server - Migration Assistant for users and external disk

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    Jul 23, 2012
    Apple refurb store has a "too good to resist" price on the new Retina iMac, so I'm upgrading my solid-as-a-rock 2012 Mini. This is the server for the family, and I've never used Migration Assistant, so curious if any networking users have.

    I have four network users for the family, syncing with HomeSync. This means that any of us can login to any machine (each of us has our "own" laptop) and have all of our files there. This works brilliantly, since the server is also the "home" computer that we all share, and we just switch accounts on it, and all of our files are always there.

    Other than a local Administrator account, and a local iTunes account that keeps iTunes open for our two Apple TVs, all of the users are Network, and their User home folders are on a RAID 1 external Thunderbolt disk (specifically for the RAID data redundancy).

    Based on what I've read about Migration Assistant, it sounds like you do not want to create a new user first, because then all the IDs are off by one. My question is - what will be the impact of the user folders being on a TB disk, not the main server disk? Anything I should watch out for? My plan is to do MA right away, then try to login as local Administrator first, connect the TB disk, and then try the network users. Sound good?

    (I have multiple redundant backups of everything - Time Machine and CrashPlan, so I'm not worried about data loss, just want to streamline the process).

    Thanks for any thoughts!! --Erik
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    Jul 23, 2012

    (Following up on my own post, for the benefit of anyone else doing this)

    Complete success with Migration Assistant! Performed a restore over Thunderbolt, and the new 5K iMac is up and running with all Open Directory and Server settings fully intact. Other than the fact that it took longer than expected (with several spots where it looked like the boot process was hanging), was a seamless upgrade.

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