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Jul 15, 2017
Hi everyone:

This is my first question in macrumors.

I bought last week a 2017 21.5 inches iMac: it has 8 gigs of ram and the 1 tb Fusion Drive.

I have already been talking with a AASP to upgrade the memory to 16 or 32 gb of ram and the hard drive.

But I still haven't decided how to upgrade the hard drive.

Those are the options:

  1. Removing both HD and Blade drive and place a 500gb or 1tb SATA SSD.
  2. Same as above but leaving the 32gb blade drive in place, so it will become a very fast but small SSD to store temporary files, etc. This sounds like the best option.
  3. Building a Fusion Drive out of the blade and sata SSDs. I don't know if this is going to work or if it's going to be faster than the second option.
What option you think is the best one? I suppose that the third option is maybe the worst (or maybe just impossible).

Upgrading to a blade SSD is out of question because it's really expensive (600 € a 250gb SSD).


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Feb 20, 2009
The blade drives are proprietary and not replaceable, other than with Apple-original parts (which will be very expensive if they can be found at all).

Best suggestion: leave it alone for now.

If you want a faster boot drive, plug in an external SSD and use that.

Why didn't you buy more RAM in the first place?

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Jul 15, 2017
Thanks for the answers, even if they don't help to make a decision about the hard drive upgrade :)

I'm not going to loose the warranty, as I'm not going to upgrade the iMac myself. It's going to be done by a Apple Authorized Service Provider: so no worries about that.

I paid 1540 € for this computer, while it's official price it's 1700 € in Spain. Upgrading to 32 gb of ram would cost me 720 € in the Apple Store, while I'll be paying less than half the price now.

The same applies to the hard drive: I know that Apple Blade drives are really expensive, that's why I said it's not an option. But I also know that a simple Sata SSD can do the job compared to the 1 tb fusion drive.


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Apr 30, 2011
I did the same and did your option 3, just Fusion'ed the blade SSD and SATA SSD and it's been great. I couldn't think of a use for a tiny, very fast SSD for my use and from what I've read, with the Fusion setup it will still use the blade SSD first before the SATA one.
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