Upgrading The iBooks Hard Drive


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Jan 20, 2005
Rockford MI
Since im getting some extra cash soon im thinking about getting a older iBook G3 from the MarketPlace in here or on eBay but im worried about the Hard Drive size because 10 - 30 gigs isn't alot (with all my music and photos). So I want to be abel to upgrade it in the future to a 60 or 80 gig HD. How easy is that to do? I have upgraded Ram, Videocards and CD drives before will it be easy to do and are there any web sites that have videos of how to do it? Also ive seen some around the web but what are some more good reliable websites/brands.

Edit: I forgot to ask if Applestores can upgrade it for you and how much that costs becuase one is opening up 10 mins away from me in about a month :D


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Apr 20, 2004
Boise, Idaho
I'm sure you can upgrade the hard drive, there might be limitations on how big the hard drive can be or something though, but I could very well be wrong about that.

As far as actually installing the hard drive? I personally wouldn't want to do it, I've seen a couple of photo walkthroughs on how to do it but they're fairly complicated. I'd rather just let an Apple rep upgrade it for you, which they will definately do for you. I'm thinking about upgrading the hard drive on my iBook G4 (only 30gigs..oye!) and the local Apple reseller here wants to charge me $80 for the install, plus the cost of the hard drive.


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Jan 9, 2004
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On the DIY front, just to chime in...not easy. There are a lot of other threads on the topic here.... At least for the white iBooks. I don't know anything about the innards of the clamshell iBooks.

EDIT: evilgeek -- $80 actually sounds like a very good deal, esp. if they will let buy your own HD elsewhere (ie find a deal, as opposed to paying some inflated MSRP).... From other threads, and from perusing the service manual, there is no way this will take less than 1 hour, and probably close to 2....


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Apr 28, 2004
done it

i've changed the HD's in both the clamshell and white iBook models

long story short-
keep the screws straight, be bold, patient, and check out those web resources-
even the ones in japenese are helpful-

the 1st time i did it - it took longer- but after a while i was able to do them quite quickly-

clear off your desk-
backup whatever you want from that hard drive (the one ur taking out)
and slowly take it apart

to get the case off- i use a credit card- and slide around the split in the plastic pieces-
that usually works quite well

you will need a small set of screw-drivers-
sometimes a magnent helps a lot-
(to pull screws up)

and a Torx screw driver (i forget the size- i think it is '6')

the clamshell was more complicated than the white ibook-
but- it's all possible--

as for what the applestore could do for you- i'm not sure-
i do, however, know that changing HD's does void any warrentee's that ur machine might have-

hope that helps!