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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by awadeee, Sep 19, 2012.

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    So it's been a while since I've been active on here, mostly because of work/traveling but I just had a quick question. I haven't updated my iPhone 4 since I bought it in May of 2011 and it's currently jailbroken. I tried earlier this month to simply update to iOS 5 and basically got an error (presumably because I'm jailbroken) which leads me to believe that I'll need to completely restore in order to upgrade.

    I guess my biggest concern is: Will I be able to restore from my 4.3.3 backup when I upgrade to iOS 6? I've got over 300 contacts and about 1500 pictures that I absolutely cannot lose. I've never had a problem with restoring from a backup before but we all know assumption can be a huge mistake. Thanks to all for any input.

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    Your settings, contact lists, configurations, preferences, network configurations, etc.. will all be backed up via iTunes. Basically, all the "text-file" stuff will be backed up with your Backup file.

    However, to Upgrade from a Jailbreak, you need to do a BACKUP + RESTORE + UPDATE, which will probably wipe all your Movies/Music/Videos/Pictures/Apps...

    None of your Jailbreak apps or settings will be saved.

    (Not 100% positive, but your pics might be saved in your backup too - I never checked to be honest) I STRONGLY RECOMMEND JUST BACKING UP YOUR PHOTOS/VIDEOS UP YOURSELF - Just drag them out of your iPhone media folder via the USB connection to a local folder on your PC/MAC.

    But everything else will be wiped.

    Oh, and be prepared to edit your Hosts file and Restore from DFU mode - I had to do that to get my 4S updated to iOS 6 for JB 5.1.1.

    If you see ERROR 3194 pop-up during the Upgrade or Restore, check the following guides:

    Refer to these two guides for more on that:




    Hope this helps!
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    Thanks so much! When I get the time I'll give it a shot. I was reading around and I guess there's the normal hard backup which is Right Click > Backup and then you can also back certain things up directly in iTunes on the iPhone tab so I think I may do both as kind of a safety net.

    Do you think I'll have to go into DFU to restore?
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    Same error as OP here, tried tinuumbrella, manually changed hosts file, DFU a dozen times. Even tried "erase all" on phone.

    NOTHING, my iphone 4 is still stuck on 5.1.1 Jailbroken?!? someone help me out here

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