Upgrading to Pro from iBook G3 w/logic board problems

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Dekimasu, Dec 17, 2009.

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    So last week I started to get scrambled video on my iBook G3 (2002 vintage) running 10.2.8. I got it to start up correctly before freezing twice in the last week, but it appears to have given up completely today. I'm not as concerned about this as I would have been a few years ago, since I have a lot of experience with similar problems. Apple replaced the logic board under AppleCare in 2003 and again in 2004, and this is part of the series of iBooks that Apple was fixing for free for a while as part of a class-action settlement. Apple doesn't appear to be doing that anymore (that's fine, the computer is Old with a capital O and it's not feasible to continue supporting the product), and I assume that this has effectively totaled the computer.

    I'm basically on board for a new 13" Pro, either the current version or the Arrandale if it shows up soon. I know from experience that the data on the G3's hard disk is there, because I've had techs start up the G3 in target disk mode after logic board problems in the past. And although there are some files I'd like to have access to soon, I'm lucky in that there isn't anything I need to be able to access right away. I just have a couple of questions about upgrading I'm hoping you can help me with:

    1) Will I have any extra problems using target disk mode with the iBook because of its age (either of the operating system, or the fact it's pre-Intel)?
    2) Will I have any extra problems moving, say, my offline e-mail archive from Mail into the new computer or playlists from iTunes?
    3) I know that files made in AppleWorks aren't compatible with iLife, and I had intended to turn them into .pdfs before upgrading to a new computer. Do I have any options for getting the data out of those files?
    4) Are there any other things that I might run into that I should know about?

    Thanks in advance for any advice. Feeling pretty calm, but obviously this is going to be a pain in the neck.
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    AppleWorks word files are compatible with Pages in the iWork suite (sold separately), spreadsheets with Numbers, and presentation files with Keynote. However, drawing files are not compatible with iWork (you can confirm this by searching through Apple support docs for iWork).

    You can target disk an old machine (as long as it works) to a newer Intel machine. There only exist a limitation of FireWire not existing on the newest model MacBook, and then the newest MBP's only have FW 800, which would require a 400-800 cable. Your iBook should have at least FW 400.

    The only downside to doing this is that you are making a big leap from 10.2 to 10.6. There is a decent chance that you could experience problems if any old/corrupt/damaged preferences or applications are transferred over. I've using the Migration Assistant, I would recommend migrating personal user data over only, and then reinstalling/redownloading any third party applications only if they have been updated to work with SL (even if that means reinstalling an old version and running the updates after the fact). Doing all of this manually would be best. Personal data is in the home folder and then app data in home/Library or home/Library/Application Support, such as home/library/Mail. You can just drag and drop the entire mail folder into the new machine in the same location and open up Mail. Similar with the address book.

    I've heard of mail info being transferred over and not maintaining the correct time stamps. It could have been a user problem, or a bug in how Mail reads the data versus its older versions. Basically all of the old mails had time stamps of when they were transferred, not when they were actually sent/received.

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