Upgrading to Snow Leopard for iLife 11

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by knew2mack, Nov 10, 2010.

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    Hi all.....

    I have Leopard, the late edition of 09, or was it '08, in October? Anyhow, I am going tomorrow to upgrade to Snow Leopard mainly so that I can have iLife 11, but it is not compatible with Leopard.

    My question is this.....when I am installing the new stuff, do I need to go thru and delete anything at all??? Or do my things transfer over automatically? Also, will this new software, or is it hardware?? will it take up more space on my Macbook or does it override Leopard, kind of take it's place and not take up more space on my computer??

    Yeah, I know, once again, lay(wo)man's terms and I know that I should know this stuff....but I don't. So please, folks, bear with me...... :confused:

    I also do not have any external device backing up my stuff, which I know is a HUGE and COLOSSAL mistake. Is there an easy way to back stuff up, online or something? What about an inexpensive way? What do you all suggest for that, backing up, INEXPENSIVELY??? Flash drives are out of the question for something of this measure, right? Discs also?? I know nothing about this and I'm guessing that before I go installing Snow Leopard & iLife 11, that I need to consider this. PLEASE HELP!!!! :(

    Thanks so much!
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    You need an external hard drive to back up, unless you're just backing up a few important documents. You can pick up fairly cheap ones now, though, in the range of $40-50 for a large enough one for a backup if you don't have a very large drive in your Mac. Check how much space is used on your hard drive now, and then look for a drive that's about 50% larger preferably. A quick search on NewEgg reveals a number of drives under $50, including at least one 500GB.

    As far as installing, no, you won't have to manually delete anything, you can just run the installer. Note that in the case of iLife '11, it's best to go ahead and run the updates before opening iPhoto at all, because of a rare but significant bug that did cause some people to lose photos.

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    Thank you for this!

    I'm actually planning on update to Snow Leopard (mostly for the developer tools for iOS) and since i wanted to do a fresh install I figured I'd pickup iLife11!

    Thanks again,
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    Upgrading to snow leopard to upgrade to lion

    ok, it's been 8 months since I originally posted this up. I have since bought an external hard drive. My question now is.... iLife 11 brought in lots of changes (right??) I am still using Leopard. Are my best options upgrading to Snow Leopard, then getting iLife 11 or is there going to be a new iLife coming soon, which I wouldn't have had to spend the money on 11 (right?)

    OR is it that with every upgrade, in order to get some features from the next one.....oh shoot.....I don't know enought technical lingo to even get what's in my brain....AARGH!!

    I want iLife 11 if, in 6 months there's going to be a new one - or, do I always have to buy the previous one in order for the newer one to work? I see that I cannot install Lion without Snow Leopard. I also am unable to install iLife 11 without Snow Leopard.....SO, should I just get Snow Leopard by itself or go ahead n add iLife 11 to it. I use iPhoto A LOT and just starting to use iMovie. We have a candle making (yep we make em....not distributors of another company's candles) hand poured in our tiny home....back on track....sorry
    iPhoto, obviously so we can get good pics for the site n stuff....doesn't iLife 11 introduce facial recognition?? Not sure how exactly that helps, but it seems, (in my head anyhow) that it would. Still in the Beginning (and I 'say' beginning with a capital B) and learning iMovie, but as biz grows, i'd like to use this more and from what I've read.....it seems they added some new features.

    OK, I sincerely apologize folks for my rambling. I really hope I got what I was trying to say across to someone, anyone out there that can just give a girl a hand, help me figure out what's best......

    many many thanks

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