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Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by jdavis89, Nov 6, 2008.

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    I have had Windows XP on my Macbook running bootcamp, I upgraded using a 32bit Vista Home Basic Upgrade disk. I bought through windows a 64bit vista upgrade disk. Is there anyway I can put Vista 64bit with 32bit vista already installed on my computer I only have the 64bit upgrade disk. So I can't do a clean install since its upgrade only. And I believe the Windows XP I had on here was the 32bit.
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    Yes You Can

    you CAN do a clean install from your 64 bit upgrade disc, i just did it. All you do is start up bootcamp, put in your 64 upgrade disc, select the partition to install (have to format) when it asks you for your serial dont type it in, click next, select the version you are installing and proceed. Once the install is complete you will have to register, but it wont let you since you have an upgrade serial and you just did a :clean: install, so what you do is put the same 64 bit upgrade disc back in *while u are in vista* and go through the entire install again, only this time enter your serial and complete the install. Once its done, you will be able to activate vista using ure upgrade serial. and vuala..... I just did this on my mac pro and macbook pro. It is however finiky, the disc kept ejecting and it took a couple of times to complete, if u have any Qs PM me, good luck, Peace.

    edit-You can also upgrade 64bit from your 32 bit version but it will only work on the 32 bit version the 64 bit is bought for. If you have already activated the 32 bit version i suggest just doing the upgrade, otherwise deactivate it and do the work around i just explained, thats what i had to do since I bought another harddrive and wanted a way bigger partition size.

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