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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by lrjr, May 14, 2006.

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    Hi, so I'm planning on moving my house into the 21st century with a wireless network. There are two computers that will be networked (as well as a PS3 come november) one a second to last revision powerbook G4 this should prove no problem as it already has airport express.

    However i am having difficulty with the second a 17" iMac 800mhz. now i think this has to have an airport rather than airport extreme card installed in it but i am reading conflicting reports on the internet so if anybody could help me out with that it would be greatly appreciated.

    My main problem, however, is that i am with BT and i have a USB modem which wont work with the airport express base station (which i am planning on making the centre of the network). I have also noted that USB modems are no longer supported by BT on macs so i think i have two options: 1 phone up BT and bitch at them and hope they send me an ethernet modem or 2 buy an ethernet modem.

    in the case of 1 has anyone had any success with this approach (although with BT i doubt it)?

    if 2 is the only option available which modem should i go for a BT brand or a third party?

    Thanks for your help :D
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    You could pay BT to upgrade you to one of their Voyager modems which has an ethernet port.

    Or just go buy an ADSL ethernet modem - they're under £30 these days, if not less, so shouldn't be a problem.

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