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Apr 28, 2010
Hi Everybody,

I decided to give the old MP 1,1 his last dose of doping and purchased a couple of Xeon 5365 from Ebay, I was about to install them as I notice the sticker that you also see in the picture. I looks like plastic, and it gets awfully hot in there, should I remove them? I tried without much convincement to peel them out with some tweezers but I truly felt not comfortable about it, any recommendation? They look, to me, some sort of "warranty" setters, and "CH" could stand for China, but better ask now before I remount the whole bloody thing :)
2015-12-09 19.32.03-1.jpg
2015-12-09 19.32.03.jpg


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Oct 11, 2013
Baltimore, MD
OH MY! Uh, yeah for sure take them off, I would even PM the seller and have them send you new ones. That's unacceptable, if you ask me. Any kind of gunk anywhere on the contacts can prevent the CPU from working properly. Those stickers should NEVER have been placed on that side of the processor. If you do choose to remove them, be VERY careful not to damage anything, and do your best to not leave any sticker gunk.


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Apr 3, 2014
Hong Kong
I agree that the stickers should not be there. However, it doesn't looks like on the contact points. My primary concern is if the high operating temperature will burn the sticker and cause trouble. If not, I prefer not to touch it. Of course, in any case, will try to ask for a replacement for free.


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Aug 7, 2015
Those stickers should NEVER have been placed on that side of the processor.

I don't think a sticker belongs anywhere on a processor. Top or bottom. There's a reason processor manufactures don't put stickers on it. The top gets just as hot as the bottom...OP use eBay buyer protection power and return those to the seller and get something else. Processors are not something you want to dink with. You could cause damage to your logic board if residue is left behind.


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Jan 26, 2008
Poznan, Poland
The top gets WAY hotter than the bottom, this is the way the CPU is designed thermal wise. This sticker is obviously not supposed of be there, however once you remove it and clean the location with pure alcohol, you're good to go, as new.
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