Carrier Upgrading Verizon iPhone 6 to SIM-free iPhone 8

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by rrm74001, Oct 8, 2017.

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    I know this question probably gets asked frequently, but the searching I have done has been producing inconsistent/conflicting answers. Or answers are from people that do not seem too confident about what they are saying.

    I currently have a fully activated Verizon iPhone 6, and I intend to purchase the SIM-Free iPhone 8.

    To use/activate the iPhone 8, is it really just as simple as taking the SIM out of my iPhone 6 and putting it in the new iPhone 8? Does Verizon actually need to be involved in any way? And is there anything else that would need to be done to fully dis-associate the iPhone 6 from my Verizon account before selling it or otherwise giving it away?
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    To sell the Verizon i6 you don't have to do anything besides taking your sim out and erasing or restore it to remove all your info from it.
    About the new i8 all you have to do is put your sim in.
    If some things like volte, wifi calling or visual voicemail don't function right you can call Verizon to give them the new phones serial number in case they need to update things on their end.
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    Yep. That was it. Took the SIM out of the i6, put it in the i8, and good to go. Perfect.
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    Don't know how Verizon works, but when I received my ATT IP8, i swapped the sim card from my IP7 and it worked fine up until yesterday when I asked ATT online unlock procedure to unlock my phone. When I typed in my IMEI number, I immediately got a message that the phone was not registered with ATT. So there was no way to tell if it was unlocked or not. Trotted into my ATT store today, where they put a new sim card in the phone and registered it with ATT.

    Then, back home I entered the "unlock request" and now I'm waiting for an answer.

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