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    I can to believe how difficult / impossible it is to do such a simple task on ios. This makes me want to go back to android.

    Here is what I would like to do:

    -I have a MP4 video downloaded off youtube.
    -I want to upload this video to the VIDEOS app. Not the photos app. Not the camera roll. To the "home Videos or Music Videos section of the videos app.

    What Ive tried:
    -Dropbox - fails. puts it in camera roll.
    -Airdrop - also fails. puts it in camera roll
    -Photo Transfer App - puts it in camera roll
    -itunes - fails miserably, as the iPad was set up independently of iTunes. When i plug the iPad to iTunes I get two options: set up as new or restore from backup. FAIL!

    Does anyone know of an itunes-free way to get this video to my videos app or am I asking too much of iOS?
  2. Jeff R, Dec 16, 2015
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    Jeff R

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    In iTunes, select video then "get info".

    Once you're in there. Click on the "options" tab.

    In the options tab there will be a pull down menu where you can choose how to save your movie.

    Your choices are Music Video, Home Video, Movie, TV Show, Podcast or iTunes U.

    Click "OK" when done.

    EDIT: Set up your iPad as new, that way you can back up your iPad too. Eventually, you will have to back it up so might as well do it.

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