UPPRCASE and lowrCASE for iPad - Looks pretty sharp, anyone a backer?

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    Hey, I stumbled on this yesterday while checking through kickstarter and found that it looked pretty sweet. It's an iPad case with quite a bit of functionality.

    First of all it's got this U-bar that props it up at various angles, or can be used to hang it off of things. The UPPRCASE itself comes with a cover that's very similar to a smart cover but can strap down with elastics either open or closed. When you strap it down closed you can slip your hand behind it to easily carry it with 1 hand. The fact that it straps down though I find particularly useful seeing as how the smart cover itself is very floppy and doesn't hold at all magnetically.

    It also looks pretty sharp, especially the U-bar and the cover. :D

    Check out their Kickstarter page http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/651023063/upprcase-and-lowrcase-next-generation-cases-for-yo

    If you haven't heard of Kickstarter, it's a website for new projects that are entirely funded by the public's pledges. If the target amount is reached the pledges are charged and the creator is held to deliver on the product.

    I thought this might interest some of you guys looking for a nice iPad case. They're even offering a version for the iPad 3 (aka they'd design it when the iPad 3 came out and then ship it at that point, rather than when the Kickstarter funding ended, which would be relatively soon).

    Here's a pic:
    And this info's pulled straight from their site:
    1. Magnets to Auto-Sleep and Auto-Wake iPad2
    2. UPPRCASE Cover - made of durable Bicast leather on the outside (same as Apple Smart Covers) and microfiber on the inside, with slim plastic stiffeners and EVA foam for cushioning and shock absorption
    3. Durable Elasticized Cord
    4. U-Bar - fully rotates around the case to get the perfect typing and viewing angle. Use as a briefcase carrying handle, hang it up, or use to view on the back of the car seat
    5. Protective Shell - made of extremely lightweight, long-lasting and tough polymer
    6. Exposed port access
    7. Sound Channel - directs sound to the front of the iPad for beautiful sound projection

    I also took this opportunity to write about it on gearhungry, check that if you want: http://www.gearhungry.com/2011/12/upprcase-and-lowrcase-for-ipad.html
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    I'm surprised nobody's replied yet! What's going on? :D

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