Ups and downs of downgrading to 1.1.4

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by Knowlege Bomb, Oct 18, 2008.

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    Feb 14, 2008
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    Well I finally reached the goal of getting my phone back to the old firmware. I went all of yesterday up until this moment. As of now, I've decided to go back to 2.1. Let me explain why...

    Ladies and gentlemen, since the implication of 2.x firmware, we've all forgotten the true meaning of snappy. When you restore your 2.x firmware and it feels faster, that's not even close to snappy. I had two webpages loading and there was still absolutely NO keyboard lag. I was amazed. Nothing in the SMS department was slow. It was great.

    I of course had to jailbreak, as some of the programs I had before upgrading were why I wanted to get back so bad. They're still there. They just don't seem as polished after being spoiled with the App Store and Winterboard. Also, the jailbroken world of 1.1.4 is kind of a mirror image of post 2.x. Cydia is total crap and most of the downloads fail while Installer has all of the good stuff with no download or installation errors. Post 2.x - Installer is crap and Cydia is where the good stuff is at.

    So the main reason I've decided to go back is for the quality of the applications and the ongoing updates in Cydia and the sloooooow progression of Installer. I'm guessing there won't be any additional apps thrown into either for anything below 2.0. It's kind of sad because of how much effort I actually put into getting there...
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    I can understand your frustration with the lack of applications and options via the Jailbreaking community for 1.1.4. I am currently running 1.1.4 and have found many other options for obtaining apps and themes. Also, I've managed to update Cydia with many repositories that work great. I've even gotten a few apps from Installer.

    I really am happy with 1.1.4 because it is sooo responsive and quick. So far there is really only one application I miss because I'm not on 2.x. And I think the trade off is worth it.

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