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Mar 29, 2015
Lehigh valley PA
I order an Xbox one s FIFA 17 bundle and on ups website says delivery today and it says destination scan 6:39 am today and it's 10:50 am not out for delivery what should I do at this point ?

I contacted ups earlier they told it will be delivery today but on ups website not out for delivery


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Apr 25, 2012
You can't do anything until the day is over and the item isn't delivered. While UPS is good at what they do, they're still not perfect (don't get me going on this). It's possible the scanner used to scan the packages onto the truck was mis-programmed, it's possible it arrived too late to make the first (or only) run out on your route, maybe the truck had a mechanical problem and never left the distribution center.

We get it, you're anxious for a new toy, but until the promised delivery date has passed there's really nothing much you can do. Personally, I've signed up for UPS MyChoice, this allows me to access in-transit packages coming to me and have them held at the local UPS facility. The facility is within a reasonable distance of both work and home so I can easily make my pickups, but I only do this for large or expensive items (used it for a TV and my Mac Mini).


Dec 12, 2007
Good luck getting anywhere if you call them; UPS completely sucks. Their corporate color is brown for a reason.

Not only have I had repeatedly bad service, late deliveries, etc, but once I ordered something from Canada, and it crossed the border into the US, stalled, next day it was shipped back to Canada, stalled, next day it was shipped back to the US, entered the US three times before it finally, 2-3 days later and many days late, arrived at my door and while I was home to receive it the package did not require a signature.

10 days later I got a bill in the mail for over $30, UPS telling me I owed them all the extra shipping and processing fees. When I called, I got some surly, condescending woman who told me if I didn't want to pay the fee I shouldn't have accepted it. I told her the UPS man said nothing about fees and had I known I would have refused it. She then tells me that I have no choice but to pay the fees because I accepted delivery of the package, to which I explained *again* that the delivery man said nothing about fees and if I had known they were shafting me for their mistake I wouldn't have accepted the package.

She blows me off with a Who Cares/Tough Sh*t and informs me that if I don't pay it they will put a lien on my property. For $30 or $35. While it's not much I ship, they've lost more than that on me since then.

So, yeah, no more UPS for me. On the flip side I've never once had an issue with Fedex. The guy even rang my bell to have me inspect a damaged package and make sure it was intact before he left so he could fill in the paperwork if it was damaged.

Well, in your case I'd wait until the day is over. Then try your luck; UPS and USPS websites are often way off on tracking updates. :)
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