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Discussion in 'iPad' started by tokevino, Nov 20, 2013.

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    So I ordered iPad rMini via Apple Online Store the day it became available, and the UPS package was just shipped recently (from China to United States). All went well so far, but as I began to track the shipping progress, I realized the package did not go through the usual Anchorage, Alaska route as all previous UPS packages did --- the package was being routed through Dubai, UAE :confused:

    Just wondered if anyone ever encountered similar situation/experience before, either with an iPad or iPhone (or perhaps any purchases shipped directly from China to the States) as I am curious about how UPS determines any particular package's route.

    My appreciation in advance :)
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    It's called shipping, logistics and load management.
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    I am afraid your response does not provide any more detail or an answer than what I have already posted.
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    UPS has big fancy computers with big fancy programs that analyze where packages are, where they need to go, when they need to get there, and their cargo jet availability.

    Your package was probably sitting on a pallet in a Shenzhen shipping warehouse and all of UPS's USA-bound cargo jets headed to the USA were at capacity. The computer program probably noted a jet with empty cargo space headed to Dubai, with plans to continue to the USA via Europe.

    Hence, your package was put on the Dubai-bound flight. Perhaps the longer route adds 6 hours of total travel time, but it's better than having your package sit around for another 12-18 hours in Shenzhen, waiting for the next jet bound directly for USA.

    Note that packages aren't the same as passengers. It's typically not a big deal to a package whether it goes through Anchorage or Dubai. A package doesn't buy a space on a specific flight, rather it has been paid to go from Point A to Point B within a certain amount of time.
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    I expected the same! Mine ended up in Kentucky before making its way to Canada. Not a big deal, just a curiosity.
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    Those computers are SO SMART that when you call to have the package held a the shipping warehouse for pick up, but it has not entered the USA yet, it magically transports the package to the destination city and removes all information about expected delivery dates. Then the entire UPS staff doesn't know where the package is, since it now reports as being both at the destination and in another country!
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    Yours likely was routed through Kentucky because UPS' main (all-points) international air hub is in Louisville. It's pretty impressive to see all the cargo flights lined up to land nightly and then just a few hours later all taking off one by one.
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    I'm glad Apple chose to ship my iPad mini Retina via FedEx.


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