UPS shipping status and brokerage - am I up for $$$ here ?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by aussie_geek, Jun 4, 2006.

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    I bought an ATI Radeon x800xt from the US and have has it shipped via UPS courier. Total price was about $620 au including shipping - a great saving compared to prices over here.

    I have read that there will not be any import duties / GST applied to the item as it is under $1000 au. It is also exempt from tariffs - I have looked all of this up on the Australian Govt site.

    What I am worried about is if there will be any brokerage charges imposed by UPS as the status is : " EXCEPTION : PACKAGE DATA PROCESSED BY BROKERAGE. WAITING FOR CLEARANCE" .

    UPS also says it will provide free brokerage for up to 5 tariff lines. The card would fall under the australian Tariff heading 8542 - electronic integrated circuits and microassemblies - which is exempt from any duty.

    Anyone else experienced this when importing stuff from the US?

    Will I be slugged with a fee for their "brokerage' service...

    Or is this just a normal process in the shipping status?

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