Upsize Frenzy V1.1 - new update, new Promo Code

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    Oct 13, 2010
    You can read more about MYGAME at MYWEBSITE:

    You can download MYGAME from iTunes here:

    You can watch GamePlay Video here:

    Here are some PROMO CODES for MYGAME. (email for extra codes).


    Version 1.1 Update is available!

    The Farm Animals are being disturbed by other Wild Animals.

    Use your finger to draw fences and group those cute Farm Animals
    into big herds in addictive and innovative Standard game mode.

    And finally lead them to fight against giant packs of Wolves in
    the fun packed Battle game mode.

    This is a must try! Animal battles cannot get anymore fun than this.

    You can develop your own strategies in this multiple approach game play. You
    will always want to give it one more try.

    *Game features include:
    - Flexible and fun and re-playable game play.
    - 26 Standard levels.
    - 26 Fun Packed Battle levels.
    - Endless mode for hours of fun and to compete for Higher Score.
    - Full-moon mode to de-stress yourself and see if your friends can
    beat you in this.
    - Cute Upsized Animals. What is cuter than fluffy flying animals?




    Please write us some reviews on the app store and report directly back here if there are any bugs.

    With best regards,
    Team Sky Fort :D

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