Other Urgent. Friend had iPhone stolen. Advice?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by raymanh, Jun 3, 2018.

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    Aug 27, 2017

    My friend had her iPhone stolen. It’s a 6 and she is logged into her iCloud and had a credit card on Apple play. She had Touch ID set up and a passcode too.

    We tried to go to iCloud.com and lock her phone but she has forgotten her security details. We phoned up Apple, but found no way into her account.

    Should she cancel her card? Or is it secure enough that someone won’t be able to get in? We’re worried that someone may be able to somehow get in and steal her details and information.

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    Calling the Credit Card company would certainly be a wise choice.

    As for the rest, not sure what she can do without her iCloud credentials. Best I can think of is for her to go into a local Apple store and speak to a 'genius'. Perhaps with some appropriate ID they might be able to do something about wiping the device (but I'd not hold my breath either).

    She not have another other Apple devices she could use to wipe the stolen iPhone or use to prove to Apple that she is the rightful owner of the iCloud ID?
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    Thanks for the response. The Apple employee we spoke to was very helpful, but he explained that unless we can verify the account with at least 1 correctly answered security question we can’t get in and therefore there is no way to lock/wipe the account or do anything with it.

    We also tried other methods with the employee, using her old phone and Mac but nothing.

    Hopefully Touch ID is secure though, and can’t be hacked or anything.
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    She doesn’t remember her password that is asks for to install apps?
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    If if she has the email she can probably reset her password. Even if not she can call Apple and they should tell her which email that’s on the account.

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