Urgent! iPhone 3G, dead. Help?

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    Hey guys,

    So a few days ago my completely obsolete iPhone 3G just stopped working. It just would not turn on. I plugged it into my Mac, and the Apple logo pops up, and it dies again. I tried to get it to restore, but from researching I found that there has been a hardware failure of some kind. Now, i bought this under a contract, and i'm still in that contract. Although, i'm way past the 1yr warranty as i bought the iPhone 3G the first day it was released.
    Mind you, i did jailbreak it since my warranty finished, although the phone was in a recovery state before it died.
    Btw, i got the error 1601 while trying to restore the phone, but it failed.
    Is there anything Apple can do? Should i take it back to the Apple Store and see if i can get a fix or replacement? Or is it time for me to get a new phone?
    I'm planning on holding out on iPhone 4, and just getting the next iPhone. I thought the iPhone 3G could last until then.

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    Hi there,

    Your error code does not appear to be a hardware issue at this point and can most likely be resolved.

    Firstly, place the iPhone into recovery mode and try to restore. To do this turn the iPhone off and then hold the home button while plugging it into iTunes and wait for iTunes to tell you its in "Recovery Mode".

    As your device is stuck on the Apple logo, to turn it off, hold the home and sleep/wake button until the screen flashes black and let go before it starts to boot up again.

    If this does not fail, follow the steps at the top of this article;


    Hope that helps!

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