Urgent Question regarding time capsule!!

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by pharao111, Sep 20, 2009.

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    Hi guys!

    I've got myself a while ago a time capsule and did use it at my parents place where I've directly connected it to our router so far so well. but now i've moved to my own place where I've got with my roommate a wifi network and I was planning to install my timecapsule in my room because of the printer. so far so well too since the installation did work out well. i could attach my time capsule as an extention to our local network. but now the tricky part starts where I need you guys help. I want to use the second band 5ghz to stream my video's and music on my time capsules harddrive but somehow i cant setup the 5ghz network. Do I guess right that i cant extend that network with that particular setup because my time capsule is working without an ethernet connection as an access point??? how could i surpass that issue? i can watch every file which is 200-400mb but not the fancy 1-8gb files...(all worked very well before) so what's your advice you allmighty Macrumors readers??:apple::apple::apple:
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    Not an ideal answer!

    As you are joining an existing wireless network with the TC, you are correct that you cannot change it to a separate 5Ghz network. This is because the 'other' router does not support 5Ghz.
    What you could do is set up the TC as you have and connect to it with ethernet when you want to watch as you say 'fancy 1-8gb files'.

    Not idea I know. Not sure what else you could do though.

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