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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Mike Boreham, Apr 2, 2018.

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    I recently bought a used 2016 13" TB MBP here in the UK. I changed my mind about drive size so took it back next day, and ordered one with a bigger drive. Meantime I went into an Apple store and saw another 2016 13" MBP.

    The used one I returned had a US keyboard ("enter" key is quickest way to notice...see attachment).

    The one I saw in the Apple Store had a UK keyboard.

    So was the used one I returned a stray US model which had found its way to UK?

    I notice that all the photos of 13" TB MBP on the Apple (UK) site show US keyboards.

    I have now ordered a used 2017 13" TB MBP now and wondering what I can expect the keyboard to be.

    During the day I had the first one I found I missed the taller "7" shaped enter key which I had been used to on the 12" MacBook which the 13" TB MBP will be replacing. This was actually the only thing I noticed different in the one day I had it, and I'm sure I would get used to it.

    Any other comments about the difference?

    What do other UK owners of 13" TB MBPs have?


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    You may find using the UKP symbol a pain and if you use UK English and try and select UK Keys often the @ and " symbols get reversed, best to stick with US KB selected and find a way around the pound symbol, the enter key shape is minor and soon forgotten
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    Thanks for replying Steve.

    I am definitely hoping that the MBP arriving tomorrow will have a UK keyboard. I want it to be the same as my iMac keyboard which is UK layout with "British" selected in keyboard prefs. I have not found using the £ sign a pain, and I have not had an problems with " and @.

    I would not have raised this at all if it wasn't for that that the used one I returned (I now realise) was a US keyboard, which is odd. Makes me concerned that the used one coming (from the same high street chain) might be US as well.

    I would have expected nearly all MBPs in the UK to have UK keyboards but so far I have only seen the one I returned (US) and the one in the Apple Store (UK).

    I am hoping lots of UK owners will chip in to say theirs is UK layout.
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    May 30, 2010
    All Macs built for the British market come with the UK keyboard, with the ISO (vertical) style enter/return key, no matter where you buy it from.

    If you buy one and it arrives with a different keyboard it was almost certainly destined for a different market and imported, or (very unlikely), custom-ordered by a customer in the UK with a US keyboard, perhaps for personal preference.

    Telling us where it was bought from might inform as to which is the case.

    Personally I can't stand the US layout because I keep missing the return key. But it's just personal preference.

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