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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by mbleopard, May 14, 2009.

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    So I'm going to Ireland on the 23rd of May with my family. We are bringing a lot of electronics such as laptops, and cellphones, and camera chargers. Instead of buying a bunch of adapters and converters would it be possible to buy one voltage/frequency converter and just plug a surge protector into that and plug all of our electronics into that? Thanks in advance.
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    In theory it would be possible, but I don't think I'd recommend it. Overloading a converter is a great way to have fried electronics, although most converters these days just have a fuse that will blow if there is too much draw.
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    Nor would I recommend it - at all; not a great idea. Just get the proper adaptors, a number of them - at an airport or any electrical store. Ireland uses the UK standard adaptor which is not the same as the European standard. Enjoy your visit.

    Cheers and good luck
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    Most if not all those devices just need a new wall plug to handle the different voltage. Some powersupplies switch automatically and just need a new wall plug. I would get all through ebay as that is the cheapest source I have seen for power jacks, adapters and even batteries.

    Specific models of UK power adapters for digital cameras and cell phones seem to be more difficult to locate. Check and see if your camera's can be charged via USB by your laptops. Or if the powersupply is auto switching in which case you just need a UK outlet adapter

    Apple computers with autoswitching power supplies

    For Example
    UK AC Plug for Apple iBook/MacBook Power Adapter ($3 including shipping from a reputable dealer)
    Straight US to UK Pin adapter ($3.49 + $2.36 shipping from reputable ebay seller, requires auto switching powersupply)
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    As everyone previously stated, using simple plug adapters is a lot safer. The only additional thing I would emphasize is that, given you are traveling in one week, search on the Internet TODAY for the cheapest adapters, and order them immediately. If you go to Radio Shack or some other brick and morter retailer, they will only sell you multi-national kits that have one of every kind of adapter, for perhaps $25 for the kit. That means if you want 3 Ireland adapters you need to buy 3 kits for $75. Online, you can buy just the single adapters you need for $4-8 each. But you must do it today because of the shipping time.

    Try this site

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