iPhone 11 Pro US eSIM & International Physical SIM & Airplane Mode


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May 17, 2010
Scenario is I have an AT&T eSIM and local SIM outside the US. I want to use Wifi calling on the AT&T SIM while outside the US and the local SIM at the same time without incurring any international charges from AT&T. If I turn on airplane mode, it turns off all cellular data from both SIMs, so this will not work. If I have wifi, AT&T Wifi features work fine. If I leave Wifi coverage I have nothing. Turning off airplane mode makes both SIMs capable of accessing cellular data. I set cellular data to the international SIM and disable cellular data switching.but that does not appear to ensure the eSIM from AT&T will not connect via cellular. I can turn off the line for the AT&T sim, but then AT&T wifi calling will not work. So there appears to be no solution.

I have made both Apple and AT&T aware of this shortfall and hope they can resolve it. It appears there needs to be an Airplane Mode capability per SIM that allows the SIM to remain "On" but not use cellular data.

One nice thing to note was that AT&T Wifi worked "using cellular data" from the local international SIM. The cellular connection for AT&T showed "no service" luckily as it apparently could not connect. I disabled LTE on the AT&T line as well in an effort to prevent any cellular activity, but I would have preferred to see an airplane symbol to not have to worry.
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