US experts argue Apple is innovation killer- er no they didn't

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Mapmonkey, Sep 6, 2012.

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    I'm not sure I can completely disagree with the guy. Sorry that my fangirl button is broke today.
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    Sorry for not putting more context behind my post.

    My point is at no point did anyone of the experts quoted say anything like the headline or tag line to the story. It's not a fanboy issue but one of journalistic integrity which this guy lacks in spades. Samsung are claiming they lost because the decisions were made by an American jury in a US court. But at the same time they have mobilised their PR guys here in Seoul. It should also be noted that Samsung control most of the press here as well.

    I have no issue with the comments made by the US experts, I think they apply equally well to both Apple and Samsung.

    The iPhone didn't launch here in Korea until November 2009. Up until then both Samsung and LG had a complete hold and the market and they weren't selling smartphones but pretty weak feature phones. The Korean were losing out because Samsung didn't have to compete. That annoys the hell out of me! After the iPhone launch, Samsung and LG had to start pushing out smartphones. And Samsung choose to imitate Apple in every way possible, right down to the font and format of the signs in the shops, the packaging . Not to mention the design and layout of the UI of the phone.

    Folks get stuck on the individual patents that Apple have used in different cases around the world. Comments like how can Apple claim a rectangle etc are common across the forums. I really think based on my experiences here in Seoul, Apple got pissed at Samsung's copying of every detail of the iPhones marketing and presentation and had to choose rather piecemeal patent attacks in different countries.

    I think the trial in the US was probably the most comprehensive to date. And if folks want to argue based on decisions made in courts in Seoul or Tokyo, they better have the same level of access to the evidence presented in the US before they spout off.

    People may not like Apple as a company but believe me Samsung is a pretty nasty organisation.

    That's my 2 cents. Thanks
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    Well, many people will argue the jury was biased or guided by the foreman, who happened to be in video software design and a patent holder himself, so it is kind of hard to argue otherwise.

    Additionally, cultural differences and lack of proper contextual translations to the jury didn't help Samsung's case in a US court.

    That said, if this case was given to another jury, nine times out of ten you will get a different verdict. It's like the law of the ring for boxing and mma... Never leave your fate in the hands of the judges. You never know how they scored the fight. This should have been settled before it went to court. Samsung owed Apple for the early copycat devices and Apple owed Samsung 3G FRAND licensing fees. Samsung would have owed Apple more money, but they would have saved face.

    Not that this matters. Samsung will file a lawsuit Wednesday night against Apple for violating some 4g patent and this whole crappy litigation b.s. will start again.
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    Suuuure... your issue is with the journalistic integrity. Right.

    Let me introduce you to Fox News, sir or madame.
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    you're absolutely right. the news here in korea is so skewed sometimes. samsung doesn't just control the big three newspapers, they control just about everything.
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    Pretty much this ^^^

    Personally I am really getting really disgusted with all of the lawsuits flying around.

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