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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Cyclone Chris, Mar 14, 2011.

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    Jul 14, 2008
    Background info: Last June I purchased an iphone 4 from ATT and in September I canceled my contract because I moved to the UK. In the meantime I jailbroke/unlocked my iPhone 4.1 so I could use it on the O2 network.

    This past December I was having wifi issues and restored my iphone which got locked back to ATT. I took it to a UK apple store and they replaced my iPhone with a UK unlocked version. They inserted my O2 sim card, and everything worked flawlessly. I even symced my iPhone in itunes, and it worked fine on O2. BTW: This was an iPhone model MC605B

    Fast forward to last week. Since ios 4.3 came out I decided to upgrade the software on the iphone. Once it finished, the phone would not activate, and itunes kept telling me that I had an invalid sim card installed. The only was I able to get past the itunes screen on the phone display was by putting in my old ATT sim card. After the phone activated I put my O2 sim card back in, but it would not get a signal, while itunes kept telling me I had an invalid SIM. I restored the phone back to 4.2.1, however it remained locked to ATT.

    After I called Apple Support US, they mentioned that my phone was provisioned for ATT (and supported on other EU carriers). They told me to try a different SIM, but it still didn't work.

    Off I went to a local apple store, and they replaced my iphone for "No Service". I currently have an iPhone 4 on ios 4.2.1 MC605B working fine on the O2 network. I called apple again to see if a restore to 4.3 would result in an ATT locked iPhone; however, they said my phone was provisioned on the O2 network.

    I have a feeling that if I restore to 4.3, I'm going to end up in the same situation I did before.

    Any ideas?
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    i think the only way your gonna find out is if you try it... i would do it because iOS5 might be amazing in the summer and you wont be able to upgrade to that if this is not resolved now
  3. localboy28 macrumors 6502a

    Jul 27, 2010
    You get a like for like iPhone in UK
    So if it's locked to at&t it will always be locked.

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