US Patent Office Denies iPad Mini Trademark

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    Article from Sky news. Links to the website? Poor show Apple;

    The US Patent and Trademark Office has denied Apple's application for a trademark to safeguard its widely popular iPad mini tablet, saying the case to own the phrase was too weak.

    Apple, however, has until July 24 to better explain how the iPad mini is different and unique from the larger-sized iPad to counter the rejection.

    The rejection letter denying the trademark application was dated January 24, but it has only emerged in recent days.

    The letter states: "In this case, both the individual components and the composite result are descriptive of applicant's goods and do not create a unique, incongruous or non-descriptive meaning in relation to the goods being small handheld mobile devices comprising tablet computers capable of providing Internet access."

    It was referring to the components of the device's name: "I," "pad" and "mini."

    Unless Apple demonstrates to the USPTO that the "iPad mini" is a distinctive aim, it will be forbidden to "claim exclusive rights to terms or designs that others may need to use to describe or show their goods or services in the marketplace," the letter said.

    The USPTO reviewer also criticised Apple for failing to submit a sample tablet computer with its application and providing product website pages instead.

    The application "fails to include a picture or a sufficient textual description of the goods in sufficiently close proximity to the necessary ordering information / a weblink for ordering the goods, and thus, appears to be mere advertising material," the letter adds.

    Launched in November, the touchscreen device measures just 7.9 inches and weighs less than half the original iPad.
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    Do they have trademarks for iPod Mini and iPod Nano?

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