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    Oct 4, 2010
    I'm in the market for a Bluetooth speaker, and have all but decided in the Bose SoundLink mini, after reading countless positive reviews. The price, being a Bose product, tends to see little or no cuts. $199 seems to be pretty unanimous through online and brick and mortar retail. I came across the website which is selling it for $179, after doing some research learned that this website hasn't existed very long and has characteristics of a fraudulent website. I was wondering if anyone has purchased and received merchandise from the site? I'd love to get a reduced price, but if risky would rather pay more.
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    Jan 17, 2014
    I also came across while trying to find the best price on a Kindle for a friend. Do NOT order from that site! I just created this account to hopefully save you and countless others, who try to research it, money. As well as keep that scam artist from making any. I didn't order from it, but let's go over the issues here. I was first suspicious when I saw the .us domain. If a website appears to be an American storefront and is not using the .com(short for commercial), that is a red flag. However, I decided to fully investigate and be sure before reporting them to Google, as I came across the site through Google Shopping. Second red flag, almost all of the links at the bottom of the page are "dummy" links. This includes "Follow us" on Facebook and Twitter links, About Us, Delivery Info, Return Policy, and on and on. Next, I performed a reverse ip address lookup. Not a good sign when a "US merchant"s IP address is based out of Singapore. While this was enough information to assure me I wanted nothing to do with this site, I like to have all of the evidence I can to support my argument, so I investigated the checkout process. While the website advertises Paypal is not required, it is the only way it will allow you to pay. (You don't have to scam everyone right...enough people use Paypal willingly that may not notice.) Once I was transferred from the site to Paypal for payment, I noticed it was a private party transaction to a VERY Asian name @ I apologize I could not be more specific on the email address at the moment, but that would be because when I tried just now to recreate the process to find the name, it had mysteriously changed to link to a more representative of an American. Either people weren't buying the other, or it's just part of a steady change of Paypal accounts so as not to lose the scammed money during Paypal disputes after people never receive their products. Hopefully this will prevent you and anyone else from losing any money to from now on.

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