USB 3.0 Card reader


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May 25, 2004
my memory card reader is on its way out as sometimes it won't read/mount the card until i finagle it a bit. Generally I would just pick up some random one, but i've been reading some reviews on some popular ones on BH and some say they have issues with Macs. So I was wondering, what are you guys using?
I would like it to be USB 3 (why not my MP has the ports and needs to be able to handles SD Cards. A bonus would be the micro SD cards from a gopro, but not necessary as I have the the micro to SD adapter. Just want something that is reliable and maybe portable.


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Aug 1, 2008
Vancouver, BC
I've always purchased Transcend CF memory cards, so when I got a Mac with USB 3, I opted for their card reader...

It's very fast with my 1000x UDMA7 card... over 100MB/s

It seems to prefer you plug the card reader into the computer first and then plug the card into the reader. It sometimes takes forever to mount if you have the card in the reader when you connect it to the computer. :confused: Obviously, this isn't a problem if you keep your card reader connected to your computer all the time or simply remember this tip when connecting it.

You certainly can't beat the price. :)