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Feb 25, 2012
I am looking for a 32 GB - 64 GB flash drive that works with the retina MBP. I own 2 flash drives that do not seem to be fully compatible and i want to spare myself the hassle of buying another one and then having to return it.

To make it clear what i mean by "not fully compatible" here is my experience so far:

The oldest of my flash drives is a USB 2.0 Corsair Flash Survivor. It isn't recognized at all by the rMBP. The LED doesn't blink after i connect it and it doesn't show up in "System Report". If i leave it connected anyway the built in Keyboard, Trackpad and Bluetooth stop working (they are all on the internal USB bus)... At first i thought that Finder locked up but pressing the power button triggered the dialog box that asks me if i really want to shut down. :(

The other one is a Super Talent USB 3.0 flash drive. It is working fine as far as i can tell under Mountain Lion. Booting from it however is impossible. It shows up in the boot manger but after i click it the LED glows continuously and after a while the Macbook shows me a crossed out circle instead of the Apple Logo. At this point only a forced shutdown works.

So, can anybody recommend a flash drive that works on the rMBP and that you have tried to boot from?

Thanks in advance
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