USB 3.0 SSD (OCZ Vertex 4) Problems/ Recommendations?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by asicguy, Jul 30, 2012.

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    I purchased a new rmbp, an OCZ Vertex 4 SSD 256GB and a USB 3.0 enclosure from ebay.

    I was using it as an external disk for a linux VM and the install went fine, but when I tried copying over a 6GB file, the drive disconnected. this happened multiple times. I filed a support request w/ OCZ and they said their engineers are looking into problems with USB 3.0 enclosures and the Vertex 4.

    Newegg says the drive is good for exchange only, but I guess I can always charge back since the drive doesn't work as it should.

    My question is, Does anyone have a similar setup with a good SATA III SSD they can recommend. The enclosure I bought is SATA III and when it works, it flies.
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    I think another user in another forum reported that it wasn't working with the Buffalo Thunderbolt adapter either with the USB 3.0 port on it. It isn't working with my Seagate USB 3.0 adapter either. Looks like the Vertex 4's firmware just does not play nicely with commonly used SATA 3 to USB 3.0 bridges.

    USB 3.0 would be a huge bottleneck to the Vertex 4 anyway. You really need Thunderbolt to take advantage of this drive (even THAT'S a bottleneck, you really have to have internal native SATA 3 to max it out). You would have been better off with a slower SSD or a Thunderbolt enclosure. I've got my 512 GB Vertex 4 in a Seagate Thunderbolt Adapter and it works fine.

    I switched from ordering all my electronics from Newegg to ordering everything from Amazon, since Newegg has terrible return policies nowadays and their customer service standards have gone down. Amazon would have taken the drive back, no questions asked, and would have even paid return shipping. Switched from Newegg when I ordered a tri-SLI Radeon 6950 setup (along with a $5000 X58 computer build) and it caused terrible game breaking microstuttering because of ATI's drivers at the time and Newegg insisted on charging a 15% restocking fee to exchange them for a pair of GTX 580s. A customer service rep said they would reduce the restocking fee to $20, but worded it badly and meant that he would discount the restocking fee by $20, so I decided to return the graphics cards only to be hit by this later. I figured that after ordering tens of thousands of dollars of parts from them over several years they'd waive the restocking fee because they didn't work properly or at least acknowledge a misunderstanding they created and honor the customer service rep's word.

    I ordered my GTX 580s from Amazon and haven't gone back to Newegg since.

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