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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by relbbircs, Jul 31, 2012.

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    I figured a 2012 MBA would be a better -- quieter -- device for recording than my 2012 Mac Pro (which sounds too loud, despite valiant efforts by Apple Care to replace fans, etc.). So I got the pimped out version of the MBA at an Apple Store.

    Came home, thought 'OK, I'll set it up in a jiffy with my RME UCX mixer.' But, noooo... The MBA 3.0 ports only half recognize the mixer. That is, they can receive sound input from it but can't see the mixer's software. Evidently, or so I've learned, the MBA USB's miscommunication is a not uncommon problem.

    But after several hours of trying to figure out what people do with kexts, I'm still confused. I certainly don't want to spend another couple hundred bucks on some kind of fancy thunderbolt to firewire solution, and who knows how long the wait will be for Apple to market its thunderbolt/firewire adapter...

    Could someone please tell me, is there an easy way to tell the MBA USB ports to only work at USB 2.0 speeds such that they'll be compatible with a wide range of devices?? Would, for example, sticking on a USB 2.0 hub make any difference??

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