Usb 3 hub


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Apr 29, 2010
hi I was just wondering if anyone know if i get an usb 3 hub for my rmbp if it will work, the one i was looking at was the Trust SuperSpeed 4 Port USB 3.0,
which does not list mac in it´s system requirements, will it still work?
or if anyone know any else usb3 hubs that would work:)
thanks a lot



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Jul 9, 2012
I have not found anything unique in the Mac USB 2 or USB 3 implementation in the OS or in hardware. So any USB spec compliant hub should work with Macs. If not, then swap the hub.

There are many good powered USB 3 hubs available from Belkin, Trendnet, SIIG and others. You can Google on "best USB 3 hub" for several sites of hub reviews. My wife has a Trendnet 4 port unit on her rMBP.

I certainly hope that when Apple releases a Retina Thunderbolt Display it will have a USB 3 hub.