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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by macosx1058, Aug 31, 2012.

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    my FW800 MDD came with a two port USB 2 card. To get more pots i added in a USB 2 port card however its only a USB 1.1 card the USB 2 card is a belkin with a NEC chip the card i added (mainly to see if it would work) has a PCS chip. The driver loaded for it was Apple's generic USB driver. Does this mean ANY USB card will work?

    Also i would like to upgrade to SATA Drives my Silicon Image 3512 card does not work. the SI site states the OEM of the card makes drivers. But the Manufacture of mine only has win drivers. Does anyone know a card manufacturer this has OS X drivers for this chip?
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    About half of the PCI USB cards will work in Mac OS X and about 10% will work in Mac OS 9. The best chance of one working is if it has a NEC chipset.
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    well since i have no use for OS 9 it dont matter to me the NEC USB 2.0 card IS bootable i did not bother trying to boot from the USB 1.1 Card.

    I did find This SATA card but it does not say if it is bootable
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