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Discussion in 'iPad' started by markw10, Mar 30, 2010.

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    I am interested in getting an ipad but have several questions:

    -I noticed it doesn't have a USB port. Are there any items such as an adapter that would plug into the dock connector to give it a USB port? If so, would I be able to plug an item in such as an airmodem to give it 3G? I currently have an airmodem with my laptop so it would be nice if I could do the same here.

    -Tethering: I've heard the iphone will have tethering shortly. Would it work with the iPad?

    -I likely would be sharing the iPad with my wife and child. I want to be able to control which websites my son has access to and block sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and others. Can I block websites on the iPad? If so, would I be able to block these sites in a secure location so that he could not have access to it to unblock these sites?

    -Multiple Users: With our mac we can set up multiple users so that each of us has our own documents, applications, etc. All of us have our own iTunes accounts with some apps already for the iphone. Would we be able to have accounts for each of us when we use the ipad, to have our own apps and could these accounts be password protected?

    Thank you for your help with the above questions.
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    I assume that the device will have the same "Restrictions" under Settings -- that allows you to block content.

    The multiple users issue is very important, but looks like Apple blew that one. The reason I think this is important is that some people will be leaving these around the house, like a book. The biggest problem I see is that the device is like an iPhone in that it has synced mail and calendars. If you don't want your e-mail public there is not much you can do about it accept lock down the device or don't use Mail.
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    Yes. The part of the camera connection accessories Apple sells. There is one that supports SD cards and one that supports USB. Can you use these for normal file usage such as word docs and such? Probably not. We will know more when the adapters are in people's hands as to what the iPad actually does when it is connected but I highly doubt this functionality. Seems kind of odd that Apple would market it as a "Camera Connection Kit" and still allow normal USB support for flash drives and such.

    No. This would negate the purpose of the 3G iPad.

    No. the iPhone OS supports tethering since 3.0 I believe but it is up to the wireless carrier as to whether they allow it. Plus I think I remember Jobs saying "No" to tethering on the iPad.

    The other questions...

    Multiple users - Not sure. Probably not.

    Blocking Websites - Have no idea either. Maybe someone else can provide input.
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    I have 3 kids, and use a router with access control to block sites from the computers and iPods they use. Basically, it uses the MAC address to identify each device and blocks every website except those that I specifically allow.

    The router setup is password protected, and right now my kids are too young to be trying to break into it. So far it works pretty well.
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