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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Nbd1790, Dec 18, 2018.

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    I recently picked up a 15 inch Macbook Pro and couldn't help but notice the LG monitor that was in the Apple store. It's a beautiful device for sure, but the price is a bit absurd. Although, I do like the fact that a single Thunderbolt 3 cable can provide an image to the monitor as well as charge the laptop.

    I connect to an external monitor frequently (3-5 times a week) for my home studio that I use for Audio Editing and do some Photoshop work as well to make flyers and edit some images. I was wondering if there's an alternative with similar functionality to that of the LG at a more reasonable price point. I don't really care much for the USB hub feature as I use a USB 3.0 hub considering most of my external devices still run on a standard USB.

    If this thread was already started somewhere else I apologize in advance. If it has, please just direct me to the right section of the forums to take a look.
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    Monitors with the same capability of the LG are going to be close in price. Dell has some very nice 5K monitors that you might want to look over. Dell Ultra Sharp
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    Thanks for the recommendations. These seem a little more reasonable in price
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    I bought a refurbed LG from Amazon -- as I remember, it was about half the price -- and itʻs been working great for several months.

    Hmm, thatʻs too vague: it was July 2018 and I paid about $265 for it. Right now, on Amazon, I donʻt see any deals like that. But they may be out there somewhere.
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    While not the most conventional answer, something like this might be a good option for you:

    It means you can choose any display you like (taking advantage of sales etc) and if you upgrade your display in the future, you're able to use the same dock.

    I'm doing something similar on my desk, but with a USB-C dock - it's nice being able to charge the device and connect the desk up with one cable.
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    Woot often has the LG monitors refurbished and at a steep discount. The 5k 27" was $629 last I checked. A month ago they had some in stock; they seem to stock them every few weeks, but the 22" much more often than the 27".

    I got an open box 4k for $169. A warning: the 4k doesn't provide as much power and the USB ports only support USB 2, I believe, so the 5k is the better choice if you can afford it and have space for it.

    For my needs, the 4k has been fine.
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    I went for a LG 27UK850 which has USB C connectivity and is 4K works well with my Mac setup, PC and also my PS4 Pro, its an all in one. Which does have some down sides, the speakers are poor.

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