USB-c -- hidden perils in connections?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Fishrrman, Nov 6, 2016.

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    Here's an interesting blog post that warns that the new USB-c/Thunderbolt 3 port technology is full of hidden perils -- especially where the right cables/dongles are concerned:

    Just an observation on my part, but traditionally Apple's cables/dongles (as well as those from other companies) have been poorly marked insofar as "identification purposes" are concerned. In other words, there's very little marking on the cable/adapter/dongle that identifies exactly -what it's for-. Sometimes there's a cryptic icon, which itself can be hard to see.

    The advent of USB-c/Thunderbolt 3, makes it critical to use the right adapter for the application-at-hand. For this reason, I'd like to see adapters/dongles more clearly labeled so that even an old guy like me can easily identify for what purpose they're intended.

    This goes against Apple's longtime policy that style overrides function. But with the introduction of a "one port to do it all", it becomes more important that users be able to identify what connecting components they need, to avoid connection mistakes (and disasters) as the blog writer describes above...
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    To be honest, I found the whole article a bit over the top.

    The way I see it, there are two paths: Thunderbolt and USB-C. If you need Thunderbolt for some reason, I think it's reasonable that you know the ins and outs. You're going to invest a significant amount of money, often double of what a regular USB device would cost.

    So let's assume that most of us will buy and use USB-C. In that case, things are pretty simple with the following caveats:
    - You charge with a good charger and its included cable
    - If you hook up to a USB-C monitor, be aware that 4K monitors will eat up so much bandwidth that there's only USB 2 speeds possible over that same cable

    Some other tips could be:
    - Get decent cables, go with a good brand
    - Don't screw around with dongles if possible, just get a nice USB-C cable for your particular device (be it a hard drive, a monitor, a printer, or whatever)

    For the rest, I'm not sure what other caveats there are?
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    You guys seen this?

    I've been just watching it now... came here to see if anyone else was experiencing the same issues as him.
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    There's a whole thread about this.

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