USB C to USB A cable Deal-- thought I'd share

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by berthaconners, Nov 13, 2015.

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    May 20, 2014
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    Not great at all. The reviews show that it charges the rMB and Chromebook Pixel very slowly. This immediately makes me suspect that the cable's made of cheap, poor quality materials. Why people buy a ~$1500 laptop and then risk chucking a $5 charging cable on it is beyond me.

    Yes, Apple's chargers are expensive. But you can get an Apple authorised/good quality USB-C charger (such as Belkin's) for about half the price of Apple's, save some money, get a decent manufacturer's warranty with it, and have the peace-of-mind that it won't bust your expensive computer.

    I'd bet a month's wage that if that charger was stripped down and analysed, they'd find lots of problems or even potential hazards.
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    wow, i might take you on on that bargain haaha
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    Are we talking about chargers or cables?

    A USB A to USB C cable shouldn't support anything above 12W. You cannot expect fast charging like you do with a USB-C charger and a USB C to USB C cable. That's why portable power bank manufacturers have to come up with specialized power banks with a USB-C port.

    Frankly as a cable it should be fine. Just don't expect charging like you get with the MacBook's official charger (29W, which is more than double 12W).


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