USB camera adapter for iPad Pro?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by anthonymoody, May 26, 2019.

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    Have a dilemma. My keyboard (Yamaha MX88) can only connect to iPads (for using apps like Cubasis LE, FM Essential, etc) from the USB Host port on the keyboard into a USB camera adapter, and out to the iPad. If you try to go directly out of the regular USB port on the keyboard and into the iPad, it doesn't work. To be clear, you must go:

    keyboard USB Host port -> USB camera adapter -> iPad

    The problem is that the USB camera adapter only has Lightning out, not USB.

    I know this is a niche use situation, but has anyone surmounted it?
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    Sadly, no. I'm trying to find a loophole though.
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    Just to clarify, on your Yamaha the port you need to use is called "TO HOST", not "USB Host". The iPad is the USB host. Attempting to plug an USB host into another USB host can damage your devices, do not do it! On the Yamaha, the port called "TO DEVICE" is the USB host port, never connect that to an iPad/computer.

    Having said that, you do not need a camera adapter for the iPad Pro, just the right USB cable. You will need a "USB-C to USB2 Type B" cable, like this:

    EDIT: or just buy an USB-C to TypeA adapter and use your old cable:
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    Oof. Is your use case the same as mine or something else?
  5. anthonymoody, May 28, 2019
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    Thanks! I'd found my way to that cable in the interim, hoping (but not quite assuming) that it would work. Amazon should deliver it later today...

    EDIT - TO SAY SUCCESS! Funny how when industry standards are applied correctly things just work. Lol.

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