"USB Device drawing too much power" w/ no device hooked up.

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by k2zepprider, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. k2zepprider macrumors newbie

    Aug 14, 2010
    Just recently, I keep receiving an error, every couple of minutes or so, thats states:

    "A USB device is currently drawing too much power.
    The hub to which it is attached to will be deactivated."

    Now I have seen this same problem posted, but I have NO DEVICE hooked up at all.

    I have a 2 year old macbook pro 2.4 GHz, running 10.5

    I've tried rebooting but it continues to occur.

    Any ideas?
  2. Relentlos macrumors member


    Aug 1, 2010
    if absolutely nothing is hooked up to the MBP's USB ports, then I'd assume something is wrong with the port(s) themselves, something causing a short to occur.

    Nothing is jammed inside any of them is there?
  3. Mal macrumors 603


    Jan 6, 2002
    Keep in mind your iSight camera is actually a USB device too, so something wrong with the bus could be causing that.

    Assuming there's nothing in the ports as the previous post mentioned, I'd take it in somewhere to get it checked out.

  4. jonquick812 macrumors newbie

    Jan 6, 2011
    same problem

    did you ever resolve? I am having the exact issue and am out of ideas.
    with nothing hooked up, i would have no way of knowing which USB port is faulty. I have a powermax g5, so I have 2 in the front and 3 in the back.

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