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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by yomnym, Aug 23, 2010.

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    I downloaded USB Drive from cydia to be able to use my phone as a USB storage device when plugged into the PC via the cable. I was just wondering if there's a way that i could SSH or iFile my way into this seperate partition to add or remove files instead of having to plug my phone onto the computer? In fewer words, whats the directory or location of this USB Drive partition so i could add or remove from it. Thanks
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    I'm not sure if this application was recently update, but originally it was using virtual hard drives, so those files are "unreachable" by the iOS and iOS filesystem was unreachable by the PC using the USB connection establish by that program.

    from developers website:

    Here is where dicks images are located, but all you can do is erase or rename them, you cannot add/remove/delete or manage files inside of them. (iOS doesn't read FAT32 filesystem)

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    From what I can discern, USB Drive creates an "img" file the size of the volume here:


    I don't know of a utility that will look inside that file. I tried "iFile" and it does not.

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    Thanks alot for your help guys, I'll look into the directories and see if I could do anything, most likely I won't but thanks for the info.

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