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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by monty77, Oct 26, 2011.

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    I've got a couple of 1.5Tb drives in an enclosure connected to the AEBS. One of them houses my iTunes library, the other contains a backup of the library.

    I've found that after a reboot of the iMac these drives aren't visible (not mounted?) and therefore iTunes complains that it cannot find my media. If I browse the AEBS in finder and open one of the shares the icon appears on the desktop and iTunes is happy again.

    Is this normal? Can I automate this process on reboot?

    I looked on the AEBS disk settings and nothing jumped out...

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    What about the age old solution of adding it as a Login Item under your user account?

    For example, go to Users & Groups under System Preferences, click your username and then Login Items. Click the '+' and then browse to the AEBS and shared disk. When it is mounted (has the little eject symbol next to it) just click add and it should always then automatically mount when you login it.

    I think the only drawback is it will also open a finder window to the same share :(

    Under a normal UNIX environment I'd just do a (nfs) soft mount under /etc/fstab... However you should still be able to do an afp share mount under /etc/fstab using vifs to edit it.
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    Sep 21, 2011
    I too have an external drive connected to my AEBS. I consolidate all my media files to my external hard drive, so everything is in e:\iTunes Media. But when I reboot the drive isn't mounted and iTunes changes the settings back to user\Documents\iTunes Media and nothing can be found anymore. What I did was I removed the iTunes Media folder in Documents and created an alias with the same name that pointed to the iTunes Media folder on my external drive. That solved the problem for me.

    If you haven't consolidated your files maybe this doesn't help you at all...
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    I'm already doing that, but when it actually goes to use the alias and access media it was failing as the drive wasn't visible.


    Thanks, good ideas!

    In the end I used AutomountMaker to create a couple of login scripts that map the drives on login - works great!


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